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What is a
Psychoeducational Evaluation?

These types of assessments are completed for a variety of purposes, including eligibility determination for special education and related services, evaluation of progress, and the development of appropriate behavioral and/or educational interventions. It can also help students prepare for higher education by identifying the ways in which they learn most efficiently.


The main goal is to enhance everyone’s ability to help the student be as successful as possible. Evaluations may include assessment of domains including, but not limited to: intellectual, academic, cognitive, processing, adaptive, and social/emotional development.


These results can be shared with the schools to assist in determining the need for a 504 Plan and Individual Education Plan (IEP).

What to Expect?

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The amount of time the evaluator spends with a child can vary from several hours on a single occasion to shorter periods of time on multiple occasions. 


The evaluation will include several diagnostic test and a clinical interview with parents or caregivers that can  consist of a 1.5 to 3-hour office visit.

A feedback session  provides the opportunity to hear the results and  ask questions. Results  are integrated into the report, and a final report is provided. 

Still Have Questions?

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