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Dr. Mónica Rodríguez

Pure Mind Psychometrics LLC

Licensed Psychologist


Get to Know Me

I am a bilingual board-certified Clinical Psychologist with a strong cultural connection to clients, born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and now practicing in Florida. Enriched by cross-cultural experience, I value diverse identities and offer assessments in both English and Spanish.

With 13+ years of expertise in forensic and immigration psychological evaluations, I navigate the complex intersection of psychology, law, and immigration processes. I am skilled in conducting thorough assessments, interviews, psychological tests, and delivering court-admissible opinions. Committed to honest, transparent, and responsible guidance through the assessment process, aiming for comprehensive, objective evaluations that contribute valuable insights to legal proceedings, fostering fair and just outcomes.


With over 13 years of experience in the social science field, Dr. Rodríguez has positively impacted individuals of diverse age groups. Her career has afforded her the privilege of working with both children and adults, providing valuable insights into the unique challenges and needs of various age demographics.


Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (BA)

Master Degree in Public Health (MPH)

Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology (PSYD)

Certified in Trauma Informed Art Therapy (AWBW)


Payment Policy

Pure Mind Psychometrics currently operates on a self-pay model. While using insurance can be advantageous for accessing mental health benefits and reducing costs, it comes with potential drawbacks. Opting for self-pay ensures that confidentiality, treatment decisions, and other crucial aspects remain strictly between the client and us. On the contrary, using health insurance may involve relinquishing control over these aspects to the insurance company.

If, despite these considerations, you still prefer to utilize your insurance plan's mental health benefits, we are happy to provide the necessary information for reimbursement as an out-of-network provider. For further details or a free 15-minute consultation, please contact us.

Contact Me

13361 N 56th St, Tampa, FL 33617

(656) 600-2303

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